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French Bulldog Studs

If you are wanting to breed French bulldogs, you are in the right place. We have hundreds of successful breedings in-house and throughout the country. Now located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are ready to serve our community and abroad. 

Breeding French Bulldogs is a rewarding experience, and having AKC registered studs can bring excellent genetics into your litters. At our French Bulldog stud service, we offer high-quality AKC registered studs for any litter size - from just one pup to many more. Learn more about our services today!

Why Opting for A Professional French Bulldog For Stud Service is Worth It

Looking for a reliable French Bulldog for stud service? Professional breeders often have the highest-quality dogs that are carefully bred for specific desired characteristics, such as structure, pedigree, and health records. With proper planning and research, finding the right French Bulldog for stud service can save you time and money.

The Benefits of Professional Stud Service.

Professional stud service offers a number of benefits over less reliable options. The most obvious benefit is the assurance that you’re getting the best possible dog for your breeding program. Professional breeders will provide documentation regarding a dog’s health, including vaccine history, as well as specific details about their desired traits. This can give breeders peace of mind knowing they’re getting a high-quality animal who will produce puppies with desirable characteristics.

The Benefits of Health Testing for the Producing Sire.

A professional stud service will usually provide health testing for the producing sire. The most common tests include screening for genetic disorders, hormonal imbalances, and other diseases that can be passed on to puppies. These tests are important for ensuring the puppies have good health and no genetic issues. To double-check the results, it’s a good idea to also have the potential stud tested by an independent third party, such as a veterinarian or dog-health specialist.

Guaranteed Quality and Reputation of the Stud Dog Facility.

Choosing a professional stud service for your French Bulldog also ensures that the service has an established reputation in the community. The owner should be able to provide you with references from other clients and can show you pictures of puppies produced by the studs in their mate program. Ask for information about their health testing procedures and the quality standard they’re committed to upholding, so you know the puppies you get will be of top notch quality.

Experienced and Dedicated Breeders to help Ensure Good Matches.

Professional breeders are dedicated to ensuring the best possible match between stud and female french bulldogs. They assess the dogs' conformation, movement and personality; analyzing which bloodlines could work together to produce the desired characteristics in their puppies. With a professional breeding service, you can find out how young both your dogs should be before breeding, and receive experienced guidance for all of your pertinent questions about the mating process.

Careful Documentation and Genetics Records-Keeping Strategies Used by Reputable Breeders.

Professional breeders understand the importance of careful documentation and genetics records-keeping. They use a variety of strategies to ensure that they stay up-to-date with their French Bulldog puppies' health, temperament, genetic makeup and lineage. These include conducting litter registrations, calculating probable probabilities and genotypes, keeping detailed records on each puppy's parents and testing the dogs for any genetic predispositions or serious health issues before they are used for stud services.

San Francisco Frenchie Stud Service

With over 6 years of experience and hundreds of successful breedings, both in house and for the greater Houston and San Francisco communities, we have the knowledge, experience and know how to ensure your best chances of a successful and healthy litter.


Our French Bulldog stud service clients consistently return to us for their positive experience and their ability to trust in our guidance  and reproductive services.


What sets Blue Bayou Frenchies apart from most other frenchie stud service providers?


With every breeding within the San Francisco or Houston greater areas, we are able to provide progesterone testing with fast and reliable results. Using the iChroma P4 assay analyzer we perform a blood test which will indicate if the dog has ovulated yet.


Depending on the progesterone levels, we will either schedule for another test, or begin the artificial insemination or transcervical insemination (TCI) process.


All progesterone testing, and insemination services come included in our stud service at no additional cost.


For our greater Houston area clients, we have a partnership with a well known breeder, who has worked 10+ years as a vet tech with a reproductive veterinarian who will perform the progesterone testing as well as the artificial inseminations. In this instance we would send the chilled and extended semen collection via SAME DAY shipping (when available) or next day air for your breeding.


30 days after the last insemination you can return to us for a complimentary ultrasound where we will be able to confirm your dog's pregnancy and give you a general idea as to how many puppies you should expect to have.


In addition to the pre-ovulation progesterone testing, we also include 1 reverse progesterone test at the end of the pregnancy to determine if your dog is ready to undergo a c-section. This test does not determine when the dog will naturally go into labor, but will tell us if it is safe to perform a c-section at or shortly after the time that the blood was drawn.


We consider 2 live and healthy puppies a litter. If your dog does not become pregnant or has only 1 puppy we will provide 1 repeat breeding on the dogs next heat cycle. 


For clients outside of the greater San Francisco and Houston areas we have several great options for you! We provide same day & next day shipping of the semen/extender in a temperature controlled package so that your insemination has the highest motility/concentration to ensure the best chances of conception.


It will be necessary for you to have your progesterone levels checked by a local vet or breeder to ensure we are sending your package at the right time. Once you have confirmed that your dog has ovulated and ready for insemination we can send the collection to your vet, or to you if you are comfortable with the artificial insemination process. Depending on location, we may also be able to travel to you for the artificial insemination. 


In addition to all of the aforementioned services Blue Bayou Frenchies sets itself apart by also providing a detailed report of each semen collection. Using the iSperm, a mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA) we are able to provide a report of the sperms concentration, motility, morphology, progressive motility and abnormality percentages. This is one extra step that we take to show you that you are receiving the highest quality and concentration of semen for your breeding.

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